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Hi dear, today I bring a super cool tip, I will tell you a little about the Strailboard company, and about their products that I am passionate about. Strailboard was the first company to launch the electric skateboard, and is one of the main brands of eboard, it creates Electric Skateboard to 5 years and with innovative design, high technology and with great quality.

For those who love to play sports and have fun the electric skates are a great option, they have an innovative technology, current design, and an affordable price. I was delighted with the variety of models, which are for all tastes. The cool thing about electric skates is that you can have a practical, safe and super modern design. They are developed with models for all ages, comes with battery recharging when you brake have a smooth acceleration and locking which ensures safety and comfort.

The electric skates have a high-power battery and waterproof protection, as well as excellent locking and the possibility of changing parts to adapt in the best way. The model of the photo above is the Stray V2 Pro Electric Skateboard, it was one of my favorites for having a battery with an improved double discharge rate, is to have a speed of up to 40km/h, very incredible!!

When braking that skateboard you get a load of up to 10% more energy. It features the wireless remote control that gives you full control in your hands, with three speed modes, with quick mode for time-consuming, medium, and slow mode for a comfortable ride to take a selfie. Another feature is the replacement tires that guarantee your skate a longer durability, have covers that can be exchanged with ease. Because the waterproof brings a greater safety to be used at any time.

In the store there is a variety of model, for those who like convenience the mini models plus are a great choice for urban environments, accelerates smooth and are beautiful. Another option are the mini models for kids, with light being useful to go to school and all are equipped with remote control.

All products the store provides 10 months warranty, which guarantees us greater security for the purchase. Besides being certified as one of the best online stores in this sector. On credit card payments the store will refund within 180 days, and the products can be delivered 3-5 days with express shipping.

Payment Methods

There are easy and flexible ways for you to pay for your order. accepted:
- PayPal
- TT Bank Transfer 
- Western Union
- Credit Card payment (come with 180 refund days)

 If you have further questions or concerns, please contact customer service via for further assistance. In Strailboard you shop safely, all customer information is protected and visitors. They are always listening to customers, even an abuse. They are always grateful for any time you spend providing the suggestion, for they love to ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

Visit now the Strailboard, buy easily, quickly and safely.

*This post was sponsored by Strailboard. All opinions are my own.
* Este post foi patrocinado por Strailboard. Todas as opiniões são minhas.
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